Bespoke Displays – Plinths, props & pharmaceuticals

The background

Our client already had a stand for the event at the Hilton Hotel London, however, they were missing a plinth to display their products and there was nothing that existed to buy that would do the job properly. So we stepped in and created one.

What the client’s required was a plinth to help tell a story of the kind of person who would benefit from each prescription drug they were there to promote.

They were not sure how big they wanted/needed the plinth, so they told us what size stand they had and we advised what size the plinth should be. It had to have three sides to feature the three ‘characters’ they were using to tell the story of the target user, therefore each side needed to house props to bring the character to life.

We supplied initial drawings to gauge ideas on the size, which gave them the specifications they needed to start looking at how to lay out their props.

We were supplied with details of props required for each side, which we sourced and collaborated closely with them to choose the final props that would be mounted or hung onto the feature plinth.

They supplied the text and photograph’s for the final chosen frames which we produced using our photorealistic printers onto vinyl which was wrapped around the plinth for the best visual result.


The plinth had a circular base made out of rounds of 18mm MDF which featured routed grooves to hold the upright panels, this was wrapped in white vinyl.

Upright Side Panels were produced from MDF panels wrapped with gloss vinyl on the outside and disguised the wood by wrapping all edges.

On the top of the plinth, we added wooden batons joined together to ensure the entire structure remained rigid and secure once constructed, we didn’t want any props falling off or tipping the plinth over.

Floating shelves were added and a ‘half a table’ created, adding 3D elements for additional depth and interest.

Issues to overcome

We had to supply a list of props to match the illustrations supplied, these were then sent to our client to approve. We had one issue when the size of one prop (a jacket), went out of stock after approval, so we had to source a replacement as identical as possible very quickly to avoid holding up the build.

Our client needed to review and approve the featured text. As changes and tweaks were made, the lead time was reduced to only two weeks. However, we are used to working accurately and quickly under pressure and this didn’t impact any deliverables. We got everything to the event with plenty of time through excellent planning, accurate and efficient production and finally by using only a trusted dedicated same day courier to transport the items to the venue without delay.

As we were not installing on this occasion, we needed to mitigate any risk of the construction going wrong or the final product not looking at it should.

To ensure it was easy to build and would look perfect, we created detailed step by step instructions for the client to use so they were able to set up the plinths themselves. These accompanied itemised/labelled boxes containing the props to avoid any confusion at the venue and we purposefully made the plinth in only four parts to facilitate ease of construction for the team there. Finally, photographs of the completed and ‘dressed’ plinths were included as visual reference so that the team there could recreate the plinths as perfectly as the client imagined it.

We’re pleased to say, they did and it absolutely had the impact the client wanted.

At a glance

  • Bespoke display

  • Created for easy self-construction

  • MDF Plinth: Inc 1.8m base (300mm high)

  • 3 x 1.8m high x 800mm wide panels

  • Graphics printed to 3 sides

  • Plinth covered in white stock vinyl

  • Bespoke MDF ‘floating’ Shelves covered in white vinyl

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