Tracked Carriers – Shell Scheme Exhibition a product launch for exceptionally versatile load bearing carriers

Tracked Carriers Case Study

The background

Cannon Access had booked a 4×2 stand space at The Executive Hire Show at Ricoh in Coventry to promote their new product, Tracked Carriers.

“With our first trade show approaching, we required a company to design and print the walls for our exhibition display.  Advance quickly came up with fresh ideas which were converted into a shell for our stand, the whole system was made easy to install and looked great!”

Tom Cannon, Tracked Carriers

The solution

The stand space itself wasn’t very deep and the Tracked Carrier products needed to be physically on the stand, plus they needed a dedicated space to have meetings and network.

We decided to use Shell Clad to create a seamless backdrop of graphics for their stand. The graphics were specifically designed for the space, highlighting the products features and the new website address, with everything in corporate colours to enhance the branding.

More about the stand

On either side and at the front of the stand space was the product in various stages of use, which also allowed for live demos in three areas.  This was made possible by the space saving Shell Clad option, which seamlessly fixes to the shell scheme structure and takes up zero footprint of the stand. Unlike Roller Banners or Pop Ups which would have taken up too much room, this option maximised space, allowing for large products to take centre stage, plenty of demo and networking space and all whilst creating a visually striking and professional finish.

At the rear of the stand, Cannon Access hired a bistro table and two chairs for the all important client meetings and a 32” monitor playing a product demonstration video.

Roller Banners were also created for use in reception areas and for mobile promotional events.

At a glance

  • Shell Scheme space

  • 4×2 stand

  • Shell Clad graphics (Creates a seamless wall of graphics)

  • 32” screen with product demo video

  • Seamless branding on three sides

  • Maximised floor space

  • Product demos

  • Meeting area with hire furniture

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