Ethical Power at Solar and Storage 2023
A Sustainable & Reconfigurable Stand

In 2023 Ethical Power Connections Ltd exhibited at Solar & Storage Live 2023 for the second time, this time sharing the 12×3 space with Ethical Power Group.

The previous stand was a corner stand with 2 walls, size 8mx3m. This year however Ethical had opted for a 12×3 space with a back wall only. This gave us more room to get creative, it also changed the rules; In order for us to comply with exhibitor stand rules, which state that only 50% of open sides may be closed off we needed to think carefully about how to include storage, refreshments along with keeping the space open and inclusive for both brands.

We believe in sustainability, we have reused aluminium frameworks for years and whole heartedly believe that the term Sustainable, doesn’t have to mean its recycled or made of bamboo to be considered a greener investment. This stand design is a perfect example of how clever thinking and reusing a modular system allows a brand to adapt and improve its exhibition stand, keeping waste to an absolute minimum.

Dan Harman - Managing Director, Advance Digital Graphics

The storage space was adapted to keep the flow from one side of the stand to the other. We also created a sleek refreshment bar at the front & centre of the stand, accessible to both teams. Neutrally designed to keep the attention on the back wall messages.

The use of our sustainable aluminium framework and placement of original 2022 graphics kept client cost, waste and design alterations to a minimum.

As in 2022 Ethical again opted to have their brand name elevated, this time with the two brand names.

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