W3 – Bespoke Displays …A VW DJ Booth

The background

Once again we collaborated with the brilliant design agency W3 to bring an unusual DJ booth to London Bar, Cirque Le Soir. 

Cirque Le Soir were hosting a one-off Halloween event and wanted a VW Campervan DJ booth to take centre stage in their venue. 

Challenges to overcome

The entire installation had to be mounted securely to a raised DJ booth and be transported and installed in pieces due to restricted access.

In addition to this was the visual challenge of creating a realistic reconstruction of a VW campervan. We had to consider the constraints of incorrect proportions as a VW van is tall, slim and portrait orientation and the DJ booth was wide and short with landscape orientation.


Using custom cut MDF, we created ribs to form the main structure which were then clad with vinyl covered foamex. The vinyl was printed with a distressed metal (almost worn metal turning to rust) effect to give the impression of a vintage VW. 

For safety and practicality, the windscreen was created using a sheet of clear acrylic. 

We were conscious that the iconic details of the VW Campervan would need to be as authentic looking as possible to ensure a realistic finish to the booth. 

With this at the forefront of our minds, we studied the headlights and recreated those by applying vinyl to a ring of black foamex. This was then fitted around a disc of acrylic with a backlit print mounted to give the impression of a head light, finished with one of our LED light circles. The VW logo was created by using the CNC to cut 5mm foamex, then apply vinyl for a distressed look. The bonnet was finished with a rubber backed silver trim strip. 

Door handles, side view mirrors and indicators were all original VW parts, finishing off the illusion and bringing the ‘van’ to life. 

Once in ‘situ’, the half van/booth looked entirely realistic both in proportion, style and detail and thanks to how it was constructed, was stable enough to transport in four pieces and build on-site at the bar, ready for the event. 

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