Franklin & Son – Modular Exhibitions (One Stand SIX ways!)

The background

Franklin & Sons products were first introduced in 1886 and wanted to promote their new range of premium tonics and mixers, made using Staffordshire water and the finest British sugar with the highest carbonation possible. The range only uses natural flavours, extracts and colours and never include preservatives or sweeteners and they wanted to promote it at various sampling events throughout the year.

The company has their own events team and were looking to invest in the range to ensure widespread sampling. They needed a stand that would catch attention at any show, but also fit various stand spaces and configurations, whilst possibly being simplified for smaller local events.

The solution

The key feature of the display was that it was reconfigurable. It had to adapt to several events with different size spaces. A modular system was used, allowing the entire stand to be moved around into various layouts. Bespoke elements could also be moved independently to different areas of the stand, creating maximum flexibility, whilst maintaining a fully integrated  and cohesive look.

Watch our 3D animation to see the variations of stand layout we were able to achieve.

To ensure a visual coherence with their branding, we worked closely with Creative Agency Promotion Line, to develop a design that brought a ‘sense’ of the company, their aesthetic and heritage onto the stand itself.

A ‘steampunk’ theme was at the core of the design, with existing branding worked in on the display walls and light units they were already using on the stands. Pipework was included as decorative details on the apertures.

Sampling was going to be the main activity at the show, so two fridges were integrated to keep the stock at the perfect temperature. As the stand was an ‘Island’, it required serving areas on both sides.

Screens ran promotional presentations and integrated iPads were there to collect customer data by the stand staff.

Countertops were laminated and included hidden storage underneath.  A huge back wall and towers with recessed shelves, grabbed attention and provided product display areas, plus a view from one side of the stand to the other.

The entire stand was halo lit and included a logo signage header. A raised floor hid all the wiring and was given a laminate wood effect treatment.

A requirement for the stand was that it could be easily set up and broken down by the Franklin & Sons stand building team, so a training day was arranged for them, to ensure they knew exactly what to do on the day.

At a glance

  • Six configurations allowing for: 6x6m stand

  • Integrated TV screens

  • Two towers with recessed shelving

  • Bespoke counter with hidden storage

  • “Wood effect” vinyl flooring

  • Pipework & bespoke features

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