Ixion – Modular Exhibitions Education through gamification

The brief & the challenges

Ixion wanted to have a stand that attracted the attention of 16-25 year olds looking to study courses or undertake apprenticeships. They originally thought to do this by featuring a photo booth or ‘selfie station’ on the stand.

Although this would attract their target demographic, the issue was that it would be a distraction too. A fantastic idea for a wedding or party, but in reality, it wouldn’t enable Emma and her team at Ixion to educate the young people of the studying options available to them.


During a zoom call with Emma, we suggested the way to attract, engage and educate the visitors on her stand would be through ‘Gamification’ of the space.

We suggested an interactive quiz with a leader board, where participants would answer questions tailored to Ixion’s services and product areas. This would be a great educational tool for the students, offering them information in a fun way.

To further incentivise the students, we suggested having a prize that they found desirable, a tablet was selected for this.

A Monitor was cleverly mounted behind a cladding panel that was CNC cut in the shape of an arrow. This created an interactive, real time leader board that attracted new interest from all over the exhibition hall, plus attracted back previous stand visitors who wanted to better their scores.

This activity in itself provided multiple contact points between Ixion and potential students, increasing massively the engagement Ixion has hoped to get.

Not only was engagement optimised, but by using this interaction we could provide valuable reports on the areas Ixion had targeted. Reliable data was captured during the exhibition that allowed them to see what the most popular courses were and gain new contact information in a non-intrusive and GDPR compliant way.

Ensuring a glitch-free show:

We designed the functionality for the quiz and ran it all locally on a server in the integrated storage room of the stand. This ensured that there could be no technical faults from venue based Wifi that would compromise the smooth running of it. Furthermore, as we were running it all ourselves, we had the opportunity to fully test the system before the show.

Visitors love gamification:

We had a call on the morning of the first day asking for more iPads as the interactive game was so popular, this simple yet effective method of data capture gave the clients results after the show that were more than they had hoped for when they agreed to attend.

We will always go the extra mile for our clients and love it when we exceed their expectations. These are the experiences that drive us on.

At a glance

  • Bespoke interactive game

  • Coffee Bar with Nespresso Machine

  • Wall Mounted iPads

  • Integrated Storage room

  • Wall mounted literature holders

  • Bistro tables and bar stools

  • Integrated server

  • Touch screens

  • Raised Wood effect flooring

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