Mumford & Wood – Modular Exhibition a modern hybrid stand for traditional windows

The background

Recognised within the industry as market leaders, Mumford & Wood has built a well-earned reputation amongst architects, developers and aspirational home owners for products of outstanding quality, including timber windows and doors across their ranges, all manufactured in Essex.

They planned on exhibiting at several Homebuilding and Renovating shows across the UK and therefore required a stand that was easy to transport and build, but that was also adaptable and loadbearing to accommodate their display of integrated timber frame windows.

The solution

A modern hybrid stand was created using reconfigurable and reusable modular structures alongside bespoke elements to create a free-standing display that could accommodate two large display walls (with integrated usable door), plus a curved wall for a curved timber sash window and a cross section of walls to display the other heavy timber frames.

This hybrid system allowed for the structure to be built and adjusted on-site at the event, guaranteeing that each window pertained the perfect fit that was crucial for them to be usable in demonstrations on the day. This was done by integrating bespoke MDF adjustable walls and a curved wall that could be slotted together and adjusted.

The roof design also housed extra bright wall washer lights that gave intense illumination to the stand as well as provided storage for all the cables.

An acrylic logo was mounted above the products and the entire stand stood on a raised 40m floor. Accessible and visible from all sides, the design allowed for visitors to enter the stand and see the product ‘in-situ’, essentially making the stand one huge product demonstration space. The new graphics ensured that it caught the eye of passers by and the extra bright lighting allowed everyone to see the high quality and workmanship of each window.

At a glance

  • 5×2 stand open 2 sides

  • Hybrid design

  • Loadbearing structure

  • Wall washer lighting

  • Bespoke independently adjustable walls

  • Reusable system

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