Newbury Racecourse – Modular Exhibition reconfigurable layouts on an elegant high impact stand

The background

Newbury Racecourse needed a modular exhibition stand that could be reconfigured for more than one event, one that could denote the elegance of their venue and provide hospitality for visitors.

Elena, Marketing Manager describes her experience of finding and working with us in the planning and creative stages: “I have enquired with many other companies before finding you, looking for the perfect stand to represent our brand but until then I struggled to find a professional and caring company like yourself. The competition is high out there, but what I found with Advance Digital Graphic isn’t just a professional, affordable and fast delivering service, but someone who actually cares about the client needs and objectives.

You have demonstrated to be extremely flexible with meetings and very supportive in designing the stand giving us great suggestions, which allowed me to create an outstanding product. This made a big difference in selecting your product vs the competition, as not only it is of a high standard but incorporates the client wishes and ideas.”

Elena, Newbury Racecourse

The solution

We had been given two confirmed stand sizes, one for 4.5×3.5m with back and left wall, and one for the Conference and Hospitality Show in Leeds for a 4x3m stand open on three sides, all required on a fairly modest budget.

We set to work creating an eye-catching back wall comprising of two recessed LED lit showcases, featuring clear acrylic shelving that would house promotional items and literature.  In the centre we mounted a 65” TV that played a looped presentation showcasing the elegant rooms available to hire at the racecourse for functions and events.

The Newbury Racecourse logo was created from CNC cut foamex mounted to the header board which was separated from the bottom half of the back wall with a pelmet.

We wanted to include strategically placed lighting to the back wall, so the pelmet was fitted with both down-lighters, placed above the recessed showcases, and up-lighters, placed towards the back of the pelmet to add a “name in lights” effect to the logo on the header.

Our clients required on-stand hospitality to provide cold drinks and coffee. We provided a Nespresso machine, which sat on top of a branded counter, complete with colour coded MDF worktop. The front of the counter was split, half providing hidden storage and the other half featuring an integrated fridge.

Lettering was included in the graphics of the back wall to spell out the various uses of the venue and the website address down the sides of the stand.  A branded floor graphic tied the stand together with Bistro tables and stools hired from us to provide a space for networking and enjoy the all important hospitality and “Newbury Racecourse experience”.

At the same time that we created the 4x3m stand, we also created the 3.5m side wall and graphics to ensure perfect colour match.

Elena continues: “In our last show we had clients taking photos of our stand and they voted us the best stand in the entire exhibition, so thank you as it made our day!!

The support team on site were absolutely perfect, extremely supportive and actually very passionate about building our stand, to the point that they stood next to it while we were loading and going back and forward to make sure no one was walking or making the logo on the floor dirty!! This goes way beyond our expectations, especially when they offered their support in loading all our material and stored it for us for the next exhibition. Going to the next show in the next few weeks, I am extremely relaxed and confident and I am not worrying for one second about the delivery and quality of our stand, in fact I look forward to seeing it again!

Thank you again and I look forward to working together in the future.”

Elena, Newbury Racecourse

At a glance

  • 4 x 2m reconfigurable stand open three sides

  • Two recessed and lit showcases

  • 65” TV Screen with looped presentation

  • Pelmet with up and down-lighters

  • Full graphic design

  • Branded counter with hidden storage

  • Integrated fridge in counter and Nespresso machine

  • Floor graphic

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