PFS Fueltec – Bespoke Exhibition a pipework system display and load-bearing counter

The background

PFS Fueltec were attending Data Centre World at Excel and required an exhibition stand that could help them display their products that were usually hidden underground, above ground and some heavy steel valves needed to be centre stage without taking over the floor.

Our solution came in various forms. Firstly we re-designed the graphics to reflect the current messages and incorporated a stand-alone display wall that looked like part of the stand. Crucially, the bespoke wall was made of MDF and built with struts and bracing, ensuring it was a stable but portable structure. Because of it’s design and how it was built, it could be re-used back the the PFS office’s for display purposes in the reception area. This already added value to the stand as well as providing a way of demonstrating a pipework system. The wall was wrapped with cleverly designed graphics, the upper half included descriptions of the various pipework attached to the board and the lower half mimicked the look of the earth underground to give the product context. Visually it was very effective and attracted a lot of attention from stand visitors.

The other products were heavy (stainless steel valves) and so we created a bespoke counter made from one of our load-bearing re-configurable systems with custom elements. One of the products alone weighed 60 kilos, and we had no concerns that the counter could take the weight and was just the right size for the products whilst leaving floor space for visitors to move around the displays.

The back wall was created using Twist system which featured a 40″ screen playing a presentation and the whole stand was finished off with literature stands and perfectly placed lighting. A simple, highly transportable and very effective solution that had multiple uses for PFS Feultec headquarters.

General Manager Alex was thrilled with the results: “The pipe display looked great and the front counter was also really good for both displaying products and making a real impact into the professional look and feel of our stand. The twist displays also looked great. Your team member on site during setup was also very helpful, communicative and did a great job of assisting us.”

Alex, PFS Fueltec

At a glance

  • 6 x 2m stand open on one side

  • Onsite build

  • Full graphic re-design

  • Modular Twist system (re-usable & re-configurable)

  • Bespoke elements

  • Mounted 40″ screen for presentations

  • Bespoke load-bearing counter for heavy products display

  • Bespoke MDF vinyl wrapped product display wall

  • LED lighting throughout stand

  • Part of the stand can be used for indoor/office displays

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