Promotion Line & ADG collaborate

The background

Promotion Line are an integrated marketing and design agency with a proven reputation for delivering high quality campaigns.

When they were offered a last minute deal at the B2B Marketing Show at Excel, for a 6×3 island stand space, they were keen to impress.  After working with us for 20+ years, they turned to us to collaborate on the exhibition.

How it went

We looked at the statistics that Belinda and her team wanted to highlight and visually represented them on a modular counter at the front of the stand to draw as much attention as possible from passing visitors:

“After 48 hours of people coming into contact with a brand through hearing about it, only 5% of those people will remember it. If a person hears of a brand and sees the brand, 48 hours later 25% of those people will remember it.

This improves even more with 50% of people remembering a brand when it is demonstrated to them in some way and the very best result comes from people who interacted with a brand, with 95% of them remembering it. So we know that interaction is powerful.”

Belinda, Promotion Line

Over two days we experienced “waves” of visitors who had been intrigued by the visuals of the stand and drawn over to ask questions inspired by what they saw.

We worked hard to gain real insight into what each visitor may require from our services and us. We really listened to what they had to say and held back on any hard selling ourselves.  We took detailed notes so that follow up would be personal and targeted – this has proved key to the high ROI experienced post-event.

With the stat in mind, we knew the rest of the stand had to be engaging too…

More about the stand

Graphics spelt out the messages; with eye catching edge lit custom cut acrylic used to create the “percentages” on top of the boxes. Integrated LED lighting (with motion and remote control) highlighted the content of two of the boxes. A Perspex ‘dummy display’ case was created and acrylic literature holders were integrated.

This display proved to be a great conversation starter over the two days, breaking the ice between the team and visitors and leading to in-depth conversations with Promotion Line and us about the value of exhibitions and experiential marketing. It also facilitated data collection that was crucial to the follow up activity.

The rear of the stand included a small storage room with access via a door on the side of the stand.  The room included a fridge and coffee machine for staff and to offer hospitality for any business meetings that took place.

By creating access on the side, it allowed us to utilise the entire back wall and create some interesting 3D shapes.

Firstly a 65” TV screen was mounted and played a looped presentation created by Promotion Line. This sat underneath a branded curved pelmet that featured integrated LED down lighters, helping to draw attention to the screen and the bistro tables and bar stools in front.

To the left of this, a question was posed by Promotion Line, “How do you create compelling exciting experiences that build brands and drive sales?”

To emphasise the core words within the question we used a “tiered” visual technique. The first words were printed graphics, the words “Build” and “brands” were cut out and backlit and the words “drive” and “sales” were 3D cut letters on locators.  This was all mounted onto a curved 3D element that featured LED tape lighting in the recess around the edges so that it had the effect of “popping out” from the back wall.

On the reverse of the stand we included past projects that we had worked on with Promotion Line so that all sides of the stand demonstrated Promotion Line’s experience and heritage as a successful and trusted agency.

In summary

We received many positive comments from visitors and fellow exhibitors about the stand, even a few “this is the best stand here” comments, which are always great to hear. But actually, what the stand helped us achieve in terms of meaningful engagement with potential customers really spoke volumes.

As we always stress to our clients, leads are about quality and not always quantity. For example, one lead conversion from this event has covered the entire cost of exhibiting. Alongside this there are several more “hot” leads in the pipeline only a couple of weeks after the exhibition.  The potential for more sales conversions is high and promising.

We firmly believe that this is because people still want to buy from people and exhibitions put you face to face with a captive audience in a way that online and social media marketing can’t do.

The very fact that we exhibit as a company as well as design and create bespoke exhibition stands, makes us a great choice to partner with for your exhibitions and event. We understand all of the challenges and have seen and used all of the tricks of the trade from both sides of the fence. Starting with a solid understanding of what we need to achieve from the stand makes the design process so much simpler.

Dan Harman, Advance Digital Graphics

If you have been inspired by this story and want support with planning an exhibition please contact us (Advance Digital Graphics). If you wish to take it a step further and explore experiential marketing activities and marketing strategy, please speak to Belinda and her team at Promotion Line.

At a glance

  • 6 x 3m Island stand

  • Onsite build

  • Full graphic design

  • Bespoke elements

  • 65″ TV Screen with looped presentation

  • Custom cut acrylic

  • Integrated LED lighting

  • Storage room

  • 3D shapes and letters

  • Modular counter

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