Titman – Modular Exhibition a comeback stand – small products, hidden fridges and perfect storage

The background

Titman Tools had taken a break from exhibiting for some time when they felt the time was right to re-engage with events. Having booked a stand at W Exhibition at NEC, they were keen to come back in style and approached us to create a concept.

The solution

A main concern for them was storage of the stand post-event. By choosing to build their stand from a modular system, we knew it was highly re-usable, re-configurable and easy to store as it could be broken down into component parts.

With this issue successfully addressed we moved onto the design itself. A 3d render brought our concept to life for Titman Tools.

Main features were four product display cases with integrated LED lighting on every shelf, with the shelves angled to allow maximum visibility of the small products that would be on display.

“We wanted to make a big impression at the W Exhibition and Advance helped us do just that. From initial concept through to the final build they have looked after us and guided us through all the steps. The bespoke stand and product display shelves were a real attention grabber for us and gave our stand a real buzz, after not exhibiting for a few years we certainly came back with a bang! It has been a great success for us and we would recommend Advance for their outstanding exhibition services.”

Alan, Titman

More about the stand

A hidden integrated fridge was housed in the front branded counter and a coffee machine was supplied so that they could offer hospitality to visitors. A 65” TV screen was mounted on the wall and we oversaw the commissioning of a presentation for Titman Tools specifically made for the show.

The stand stood at 3m high, taken up to 3.75m by a pronounced branded header, ensuring maximum visibility of the stand within the exhibition hall.

The stand was open on three sides, flanked by two curved units for extra product display and to add stability and branded to catch the eye of passing visitors. Table and bar stools came from our hire furniture stock and as promised, the stand was efficiently dis-assembled and easily stored on behalf of Titman Tools, ready for their next event.

At a glance

  • 8 x 3m stand open three sides

  • Branded header panel

  • LED lit product display with angled shelving

  • Branded counter with integrated hidden fridge

  • 65” TV Screen and custom presentation

  • Branded curved units

  • Hired furniture

  • Easily stored post event

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