TVR Instruments Ltd – Bespoke Exhibition ‘Towers of triumph’

The background

TVR Instruments came to see us after they had booked a 3×3 stand space at Data Centre World at Excel. They had a range of products to showcase, new product launches and both existing and many potential customers to impress at the show…so we knew the stand had to be elevated with bespoke elements to stand out!

TVRI already had a great portable Twist system to use. So once we were familiar with the products and what the messages were, we re-designed the graphics on what would become the back wall.

Tony at TVRI explains the importance of Marketing for his company: “Marketing is a critically important part of any business and without doubt exhibiting at any show will consume a large chuck of the budget; to this end a solid professional creative team is required to project the image sought by the client.”

Tony, TVR Instruments

Originally TVRI wanted to invest in marketing by producing a short-form brochure which would be part of the shows giveaway bags. However, after looking at costs and the effectiveness of printed literature for showcasing the products, it was clear that the ROI may not be as high as it needed to be and also that it wouldn’t “bring the products to life” enough.  So we suggested that adding bespoke display elements to the stand, which would show the products working, would be the best solution. And excitingly, TVRI agreed!

So the hard work by our team began. We wanted to put the products in a prime position on the stand space, we needed the products to be working live, we also needed to detail the Distributors logos next to the related products. To achieve all of this, we began work on two standalone towers.

The towers were designed to be flat packed for easy transportation. Once constructed, they were four sided and mounted with the products. Each distributor was assigned a “face” on the tower. Products were either displayed on din rail (surface mounted) or recessed, giving the tower display depth and interest.

The header of each tower comprised of an illuminated logo that had been cut out and mounted with acrylic, then backlit with LEDs. The effect was eye-catching and high-end. One face of the tower was a full size door, enabling hidden storage within the tower for giveaways and to provide tidy and invisible space for the product wiring.

As with all bespoke elements and stands, the ideas were unique and new, so we worked very closely with Tony and his team to help evolve the ideas, tweak the design and iron out any issues before we got to the build stage. This ensured that we delivered on the objective, but allowed room for creativity from our client and ourselves.

Tony explains more: “Solid means many things to many people but when it came to the work of Debbie, Dan and the team at Advance, presented precisely this; From the concept through to the erection of the stand on site they provided guidance and constructive comments at every stage.

The practical assistance on site was as invaluable as was the creative input in the office. The ability to cope with the moving and changing wishes of the brief but determinedly staying focused on the essentials of delivery and timing made the process easier to live with.”

Tony, TVR Instruments

To complement the towers,  a presentation was created and we mounted a 32″ screen to the back wall Twist system to help maximise the important messages in a small space. We also produced a brochure for TVRI to giveaway themselves on the stand. The whole exercise proved to be just the formula to success that Tony and his team were looking for:

He concludes: “We walked away from a 2 day show with 111 qualified high quality leads, two of which could pay for the show on their own. This is down to the team effort from creation, erection, presentation and finally to follow up.”

Tony, TVR Instruments

At a glance

  • 3 x 3m stand open on one side

  • Onsite build & full graphic re-design

  • Bespoke Towers displaying live products

  • Hidden storage

  • Custom cut and LED backlit branded tower headers

  • Modular Twist system (re-usable & re-configurable)

  • Mounted 32″ screen for presentations

  • Branded tower “faces’ for distributor promotion

  • Full brochure design

  • High ROI (1.8% of leads covered all exhibition costs)

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