W3 – Bespoke Exhibitions… Cocktail Hour

The background

Cocktails In The City brings together London’s finest bars for a Summer Series of pop-up cocktail festivals in a beautiful private Georgian garden.

Each brand had been provided with a popup marquee, so the challenge was to create solutions that were high quality, easily stored and transported with the durability to survive several of these events over the Summer season, whilst bringing the values and aesthetics of each individual brand to life. 

Collaborating again with Creative Agency W3, we turned their design ideas into reality, creating unique, individual and striking bars for Ardbeg, Hennessy, Belevedere, Glenmorangie and Moet & Chandon.

The solution

Each marquee benefitted from dressing the existing OSB cladding with a combination of materials and finishes achieved through a medley of production processes to achieve a ‘brand experience’ for visitors to enjoy. 

The Belvedere Bar

W3 had this bar from a previous project. Made from a folding metal frame it was easy to transport and store.

We created a wood effect for the bar by wrapping black foamex with architectural film that had wood grain texture. Taking this graphic panel, we then routed in on our CNC cutter, creating the slatted wood effect. The centre of the bar featured a bespoke light box with branding to ensure it attracted attention. This ‘slatted wood effect’ was echoed throughout the stand.

Ardbeg ‘Cages’

Seating areas were created for Ardbeg. These were circular ‘cages’ which enclosed a set of table and chairs. Constructed from MDF wooden bases, they were punctuated with vinyl wrapped plastic pole uprights made to look like metal. These bespoke ‘surrounds’ allowed drinkers to take in all the sights of the event in a seated ‘private’ space and visitors were amazed to investigate the cages, only to find out they were not real metal; such is the impact of quality materials and production.

Moet & Chandon

As one of the most high status brands there, our challenge was not only to create something portable and durable, but something that effectively denoted the quality and prestige of the brand.

What became key was that the materials used reflected the idea of opulence and quality. With this in mind, we created 3D branded header boards using 10mm black foamex routed on our CNC cutter which featured brushed effect gold vinyl. The ‘scallop’ design of the uprights and backdrop were created using cut gold vinyl and mirrors were mounted featuring vinyl cut letters to look like etched glass. Intricate work that lent a ‘high end champagne bar’ feel to the entire space.


Lastly, we helped Glenmorangie stand out by wrapping their branded header board in an iridescent rainbow vinyl to match their branding on the stand. Replicating what they already had, upped the visual impact of the entire bar and really helped them attract attention, especially when the sun reflected on that rainbow vinyl!!

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