Vehicle livery is one of the few forms of advertising that has the potential of reaching thousands of people for a one-off cost.

Wide reaching advertising for a one-off cost.

By utilising this free advertising space, its constant visual presence among your potential customers makes it highly effective at building brand recognition.

Make a great first impression

When it comes to winning new business, first impressions count. Fact! If you are a tradesperson, your vehicle may be the first bit of marketing a new customer sees about you. This is why, professionally designed and perfectly applied branding to your vehicle makes business sense. They instantly portray a professional, reliable and credible image to potential customers.

A no brainer

The basic graphics you need may be phone number and email address/social media account. But you are not limited to this. Vehicle graphics can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can have a decal or a full wrap with logos, graphics and images.

They also only cost a fraction of what you would pay to advertise in papers, online, outdoors or to invest in uniforms, business cards, brochures and websites. And, unlike the aforementioned, vehicle graphics pro-actively advertise on your behalf every time you drive around and don’t rely on active engagement by the customers to be effective.

This makes great business sense for any mobile trades people such as window cleaners, plumbers, builders, carpenters, gardeners, hairdressers, dog groomers, personal trainers, florists and anyone else who wants to advertise themselves for minimum cost and fuss.

Vehicle graphics for your business – no limit to your creativity

Here at Advance Digital Graphics, we consult, design, proof, print, produce and apply high quality vehicle graphics to cars, vans, trailers and even motorbikes.

Our print and cut technology allows us to match your branding with photo-realistic images and gradients of colour, with graphics that can be cut to any shape you wish. This means there is simply no limit to your creativity.

We do everything in-house so that we can guarantee quality and turnaround time.

A few examples of some of our vehicle graphics