“Competition within the UK restaurant market remains fierce, with both established players and new entrants vying for market share”

 – ReportLinker.com (Market Overview Report 2023)

You might have a restaurant with a dining courtyard, a café with pavement seating or be a company who is in the process of diversifying and planning to use your external space to generate additional income.

Whatever you are, here are three ways you can ensure your outside space it’s visible, appealing and promotable, so that you win market share and turn it into a money maker:

1# Attention seeking

Your outside space may be hidden away down an alley or be a courtyard affair. If this is your situation, your first priority is to be visible using outdoor signage. Sign trays, window graphics, illuminated signage ,swing signs and acrylic signage all catch the eye and increase ‘curb appeal’.

Update yours to ensure you are visible and appealing and let everyone know what you can offer.

2# Mobilise it for self-promotion

 Your customers are your best adverts so give them something to talk about and share online.

Include your branding on your parasols and gazebos as a minimum to ensure any pictures they share will advertise you too.

However, to ‘win custom’, you should embrace the power of social media by creating an entire ‘visual experience’ for them to share online.

Provide your customers with flattering lighting, feature walls and bespoke displays for maximum uniqueness and they will reward you with posts on Facebook, reels on Instagram or a 360 degree tour on TikTok.

3# Subliminal selling and brand promotion

Surrounding customers with information about your other products and services, whilst they are relaxing and enjoying your space, will unconsciously help them form a positive association with your brand and encourage them to revisit for more experiences, and importantly, recommend you to their social circle.

Maximise your opportunity to drive ancillary revenue by advertising your other products and services using Flags, Pavement Signs and Café Banners. These work brilliantly for advertising things that are regular and repeat events, products or long-term promotions.

Free standing notice boards are fantastic for advertising one off events or short term offers that will be updated regularly, as you can place several around the space to ensure it gets seen by everyone and easily change out the graphic inside with your latest offering.

And there you have it! Three simple steps that with minimum investment could maximise the money making possibilities of your premises.