We’re not suggesting that chaos is the way forward. We are suggesting a stand system that could just be the answer for your next event and that system is called Twist.

To understand the greatness of this system, we need to first look at the limitations of others. …

Pop ups are great when you want a portable attractive stand that is easy to assemble. It does provide a (limited) wall of seamless graphics. It is an eye-catching portable standalone system. However, if you want more than just a small wall of imagery or need to integrate any other features (large TV screens), you’ve then ‘hit a wall’ (excuse the pun).

Roller banners are even more limiting as they are narrower, so they don’t have the display capacity of a pop up.

You’d need several of them to provide visual impact in a space and so, work well for conferences, but fall short at trade shows and exhibitions.

Modular systems are a different beast. Stunning to look at, they are not, however, as quick and simple to assemble, especially by a team of one or two people. They also come with higher transport and production costs.

So this is where Twist comes in!!

The Twist system embodies all of the portable system advantages of quick and easy set up and break down, low transport costs, low production costs, PLUS all the visual impact, flexibility and integration opportunities of modular systems.

How it works

The Twist includes a suspended graphic on a portable ‘roller banner type’ system. It can stand alone as a single display. BUT crucially, its also links together with other Twists, seamlessly and in theory, endlessly, providing an uninterrupted wall of graphics and a reconfigurable quality that allows you to use it as multiple events in various layouts. A great example of Twist in action is here

Once linked up, the Twist system can then be manipulated, from a straight wall to ones with curves. It goes around the corners of a Shell Scheme, cocooning the space with wall to wall visuals, but unlike Shell Scheme graphics, Twist can be reused at as many and varied venues and spaces as you need to attend.

It doesn’t stop there! The Twist system can also include integrated lighting to bring your graphic wall to life, so even in a small space, you’ll grab visitors attention.

Ok, now the really fun bit. Twist also support much larger TV screens than a Pop Up. So now, your affordable, portable, highly flexible, re-usable, hugely attention grabbing exhibition stand has been elevated further to provide visitors with an interactive experience.

As experienced exhibition stand designers and producers, I’m sure you can now appreciate why we are excited to offer Twist to our clients.

It’s ability to bridge the gap between traditional portable systems and modular systems means it stands alone as a solution that provides both portability and flexibility alongside the potential to offer an experiential space to exhibitors who don’t have bespoke stand budgets.

Our experience in exhibitions means we’ve also been able to push the boundaries of what Twist can do. Creating bespoke integrated elements that provide exciting innovative designs that impress our clients and inspire event visitors.

If you think Twist could work for you, let us demonstrate to you what it can really do, call us on 01376 521007 and speak to one of our team to find out what’s possible, or email: team@advancedigitalgraphics.co.uk