“In the exhibition industry, significant types and volumes of waste (packaging waste, wood, booth waste, food, paper etc.) are generated during events and exhibitions due to the nature of the business – multiple events in venues, fast turnaround between events, international nature of exhibitors etc.” – Waste Management in the Exhibitions Industry – UFI | Greenview report, September 2020

There are many factors to consider when reducing waste in our industry, lets start with three ways to make your exhibition stand greener: 

Number One – Reuse

When you commission a stand, a key objective should be it’s reusability.

Choosing a high quality stand, created using a modular system will mean it can be reconfigured for multiple events and spaces, providing maximum flexibility without compromising on impact.

At the design stage, consider also how elements of the stand could be used in different spaces such as reception areas or showrooms. The ability to reuse your stand saves you money and prevents cheap stands being thrown away. A win for you and the environment.


Number Two  – Go Paperless

Replacing printed media with technology helps reduce waste and increase engagement on your stand.

Presentations and increasingly, Virtual Reality, help to create an experiential encounter for visitors which is far more engaging and memorable than handing out leaflets and promotional items that end up in the bin. Data capture is more effective when done on tablets than paper forms and most tech can be hired to help with costs.

Number Three – Be mindful of energy

Having said all that in point two, tech does require energy and energy consumption is also a concern. So how do you decide what to use where?

Well, it’s about using the right medium for the right purpose.

We’d recommend replacing printed media with technology for anything that is temporary. For example, a new product could be promoted via a presentation on screens rather than a printed brochure.

However, as printed graphics will always carry high visual impact, it makes sense to create back walls, counters, lightboxes and even shelving nooks with highly visible printed graphics that feature imagery that’s going to remain for at least medium to long term, such as your branding.

Also, when choosing printed media, opt for high quality materials that are locally produced to increase longevity of the graphics, helping reduce potential waste and transportation impact on the environment.

We can help you

  1. We use UK supplier’s wherever possible to keep our carbon footprint low
  2. We use LED lights and hire out screens and TVs to bring down the use of energy and reduce technology consumption
  3. We use modular systems to create custom looking stands, which are reconfigurable and durable. These systems work for multiple events and spaces and last years, reducing waste produced by production processes and one-use wooden structures
  4. We produce online 3D renders of our stand designs before production. This allows us to mitigate the risk of post-production amendments and mistakes that can contribute to material and energy waste.
  5. We help our clients turn their printed brochures into electronic brochures and stunning online presentations

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