These six steps will ensure that your small stand really is stunning…

Tip 1. Consider a modular display systemMore flexible than the original  roller banners and pop up stands, Modular stands are either next generation roller banners or self build rigid systems that are portable, linkable and re-configurable – growing with you for future events.

Twist Packages
This Twist system is modular and can be re-configured to suit any size space and layout

Modular stands also allow room for creativity. You can integrate display shelving, mount monitors for digital displays, attach iPad and tablet docks for surveys and demos. You can have a small space that is packed full of interesting things to see and do, which brings us onto tip 2….

Tip 2. Get interactive! You can be small and mightily engaging. Use integrated media to make your stand interactive. This is a great way of drawing customers onto your stand.

This can be for relatively small cost and you can hire the hardware if you don’t want to commit to buying it. Games that are relevant to your product or service are also great icebreakers, fun and memorable. They may even encourage others to recommend a visit to your stand.

Again, modular standscan come with integrated monitors and iPads. You can stream social media content, data capture, and perform e-commerce from a laptop or tablet.

Fabric iPad stands
iPad/Tablet stand with fabric graphic to optimise advertising and branding space.

Tip 3. Light up the room! As we are talking accessories, we need to discuss lighting. It’s simple, low cost, and brings your stand to life. Ok, so it’s not innovative, but if you don’t have it you will be left in the shadows by your competition.

 Tip 4. A picture paints a thousand words.Well-designed graphics can quickly and creatively communicate messages and engage your audience whilst they are browsing. Use text to enhance the message and spend time getting the graphics right.

A bad design will fail to engage your audience leaving them unimpressed and you overlooked. Use a graphic designer with experience in designing exhibition graphics. Remember, the bottom third of your stand may not be seen, so don’t put anything important there.

Tip 5. Smart tailoring.Consider giving your stand a theme. Make use of all surfaces including the flooring to place interesting and eye-catching graphic, a visitor will notice and remember you.

Stand out with high impact graphics and clever product display

Whilst it is important to show your name and branding somewhere on your stand, don’t be afraid to move away from your usual ‘corporate’ image. Because your stand is small, it is important that it is very noticeable.

Tip 6. Be open. Maximize space by keeping bags and literature off of the floor. Try not to have large counters near the front of the stand and remove clutter. Once your stand is set up, walk away from it and come back to it several times to see how it looks. If there is anything getting in the way of a customer approaching you, move or remove it.

You only have a small space to work in and you want it to be as inviting as possible for visitors. Therefore, it is important that you don’t create any visual or physical barriers.